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Figured out


Some people say that “they want to have all their ducks lined up in a row” for something to happen.

But I think that lif is ever changing.

Nobody has everything figured out.

You never know.

And we’re not ready most of the time.

So we try make the most of what we have.

Be joyful! Be you!


Time is on my side


Recently I’ve been tracking my time.

So many things I love to do, so little time.

So many passions I want to pursue,

Such limited time.

And that’s when I remembered that I’m blessed,

To be able to have a pick every day

what passion will I pursue on that certain day,

what will it be the next day?

That’s a mystery even to me.

But what’s important

is to pursue them.

I started to keep a diary of things,

the passions that make me happy.

And it’s ever growing.

What makes YOU passionate? I’d love it if you shared.

Moment of clarity


There are such moments when one sees everything so clearly.

After struggling for a longer while

When the circumstances seem fatal

When you don’t even remember the why’s, when’s, and what for’s

But you know that it’s still worth a struggle

When you have the will to carry on

Finally there it comes

That one moment that changes everything

The moment of clarity

When everything seems clear

Our purpose is revealed

Our will strengthened

In that one moment

You know

You just know everything you need to know

To continue

To be who you are

Even under the hardest circumstances

Because you

Are one of a kind

What you do shows me who I am


I am a positive thinker. I see the good side of the situation. I try to see the light at the end of a very ling and very dark tunnel. I try to be calm when faced with troublesome situation. Or when things turn out not the way they were supposed to. But it’s really bard sometimes.
Like a late cancellation of a meeting that has been postponed for the last 6 months, or the fact that I booked a time for a certain person and they didn’t show. Or other bigger and tinier situations. At most times I stay calm. But there are situations that touch a soft spot and they throw me off track. I realised lately that it’s important to stop right then and there. And sit with that emotion and the reason for it. Because it irritated me so much because I have some issued that I didn’t work through. Or maybe somebody did something that I once did and I didn’t like that about myself?
The things that irritate me show me more about myself. Not only about the other person. They show themselves in a certain light but my reactions show me what’s inside of me.

What is the colour of your life?


Things need to change. If everything is the same and nothing ever changes we aren’t moving forward. We are getting used to it and we don’t appreciate it. I know people who hate the weather, any weather at all. When it’s winter they say it’s too cold and they can’t stand it, when it’s spring they say it’s too changeable, when it’s the summer thay say it’s too hot, when it’s autumn they say it’s too rainy. They hate every kind of weather. What weather you would give them it’s not good. I know other people who adapt that view to their life. Always somethig is wrong, they’re not able to appreciate what they have or what they get or even a simple pleasurable day. They always have to spoil it for themselves by pointing out something that should be different, something that isn;t working. It’s like an itch they have to scratch, and it’s itching them to complain. At one time i my life I did that too. It took me quite a time to stop myself from doing it because I was spoiling it for myself. And I learned that if I admire, adore the situation I’m in. In spite of it’s imperfections. It’s kind of a great way of living. It’s a great way to lead a life. Amazing really. My view of the world around me creates it. My thoughts create the world around me to be a certain way. How do you see your life? In what colours?

Beautifully undefined


I’m not the social butterfly. At least I think I’m not. It’s this. Maybe I let myself be closed in the few characteristics that are definite, I know how to seek out the positive things about it but I should be smarter than to let myself be closed off in a few characteristics. People are way too complex to be defined by a few words, few sentences, few anything.

Each person is an ever growing novel.

Why should we describe ourselves with just a few words that can close us off. Not even every person with the same characteristic IS actually the same. No person doing the same job is the same. Only our words and actions define us. So let’s not sell ourselves short by saying that we’re ‘just’ extrovert, introvert, joyful, serious, hardworking, fun loving or others less positive. But this is just one word. Maybe this is the reason some people never decide to change their careers. They are a lawyer, a plumber, a violinist, a banker, a dancer. And even though at night they are dreaming of having that dream jobs of theirs they cannot let themselves realise they can do both or they can change.

Having one career path throughout ones lifetime isn’t for everybody. Some people may have a few at the same time depending what they’re passionate about at the time. Some may jump ship from their previous career to the next one more fulfilling at the time. There’s nothing wrong in changing your mind.

What is important is to realise that you actually can open that bakery you always dreamed about, that yoga studio or change one company for another, or stop being a corporate lover and become an environmentalist lawyer. Or whatever strikes your fancy. You can do it. You just need to plan it out, prepare for the transition and make the first step on your new way of life. Maybe this is the one you’ll stick to or maybe in a few years you’ll decide that even though this is fun it’s not it and there’s another thing nagging at your brain.

Whatever the case you need to remember that:

It’s okay to change your mind! and It’s okay for you not to let the job you’re doind define you for the rest of your life.
Do what you’re passionate about, do what you love. I dare you!


A helping hand


Recently I helped out a friend of mine. I asked if she wanted my help and when she admitted she did I did my best to help. For me it was natural. I know a bit in the subject so I offer to use this ability. I didn’t expect anything in return, it’s not the way I go about things.

Today when we met up she made a small gesture of gratitude.  My heart was warmed up by the fact that she was grateful for my help as much as to offer gratitude.

I’m rather a giver but today I learned that as well as it’s important to give, it’s also important to learn how to receive, especially gratitude. I could get used to this.

I believe n giving with no strings attached, with no expectancies, just giving a helping hand from the bottom of the heart.