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Considering minimalism


I’ve never been much of a collecter. The only thing I “gather” are books.

But recently I’ve been thinking about going minimalistic (besides the books).

I’ve been thinking of cutting down on all the clutter.

I’ve been gradually cutting down on stuff – giving it away actually.

I’m one of those people who feel way better when everything is in order.

I don’t mean that I’m obsessed or anything.

But I’ve realised a few times already that I feel much better when I tidy up my room and put all the things that are laying around into their drawers.

I like to test new ideas so I think this is the way I’m going to go. Slowly but steadily towards minimalim.


My books


There is one thing I would never give up. Books. From my early childhood I’ve been reading books. I’ve been through various journeys and adventures with the characters in books. I’ve been “there and back again” (for those who don’t know this is the subtitle to Hobbit by the JRR Tolkien). Books are really valuable to me. And as I struggle through my belongings to declutter, to lead a more minimalistic life I take a look at my books. Don’t get me wrong there aren’t many for I mostly borrowed books from friends and the library. But as I look at the possessions that I do have it’s sometimes hard to choose what goes and what stays.
I want to combine this decluttering and minimalistic living (not completely though) with my practice of mindfulness. That’s why it’s taking me so long. It’s the fact that I don’t want to just get rid of stuff mindlessly. I want to take them into consideration, to decide what to do with them. How to find them a better home. Maybe one day I’ll take care of my books too, but it’s going to be a hard day.