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Arms wide open


Embrace the world

Believe in the possibilities

Because they are truly endless




Maybe it’s just me but…

I don’t know when being passionate and caring has become something to be ashamed of?

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

I’m being an intern and it rocks my socks off. I’m just so happy with the job, cotent. I really like it and am truly passionate about it. In a few months I will learn whether the company will hire me or not. But I truly want to and I try my hardest. Did I mention I was passionate about it? So yeah.

While on the other hand my friend has been on an internship in another company. And she doesn’t really care. And she doesn’t even know whether she’d like to work where she’s at.

So during a meeting. She’s talking about her internship. and how maybe she’ll get the job cause she doesn’t care because to put it in her words “You get the things if you take them lightly and not care so much right?”.

And there was a collective nod of approval.

And that astounds me every time it happens. Because why being disconnected is something to approve?

I believe that success doesn’t come overnight. It may seem so when you look at the person who got there. But it must have taken the person a lot of work, passion and commitment (in various proportions depending on a person) to get where they are now. And I bet they had their moments of doubt. But I do not believe that they didn’t care about what they were striving for. That the author trying to publish a book didn’t get butterflies in his/her stomach everytime the phone rang because it might be a prospective publisher (I know I’m exaggerating a bit – just for impact).


But the thing is.

(Takes a deep breath.)

Everybody has the freedom to have their own attitude. They’re entitled to it.

But what I can learn from this story is the fact that a careless attitude of another is a trigger for me. I get anxious.

So I started digging a bit deeper. Because my emotions in this situation were telling me something. Instead for being all like “good for you with your attitude. If it works for you go ahead” I was taking it personally. As if I was being attacked by not having the proper attitude. Which I wasn’t.

Some time ago such a situation would get me into a frenzy.

But now I see that I have to sit with this feeling and uncover the trigger and what it evokes in me.

And then i need to:

Take a deep breath and Let Go.

In that simple moment I give myself permission to be authentic. To be me.


Words of wisdom


I’ve recently found something that has been truly heartwarming and refreshing while going through a few worse moments.

For some time I’ve been writing my morning pages on 750 words. However recently I’ve had a break in doing that. I’ll go back to it because I find it great.

But right now after learning that writing helps with some issues I have incorporated an idea I had.While I had a few worse moments this week I wrote letters.

As a matter of fact I wrote letters to myself. They were full of love and warmth. I explained to myself some things in a loving way as a best friend would. I gave myself advice. I know it may sound a bit weird but truth be told it helped lots and lots.


I have a question for you: What ways do you incorporate when you’re going through a rough patch?

Figured out


Some people say that “they want to have all their ducks lined up in a row” for something to happen.

But I think that lif is ever changing.

Nobody has everything figured out.

You never know.

And we’re not ready most of the time.

So we try make the most of what we have.

Be joyful! Be you!

Approach me


If somebody approaches me kindly and asks for what they want, I’m tranquil and polite and I’ll play along nicely.

I’ll even go out of my way to help the person because that’s just me.

But if somebody tries to force me to do something, or even better treats me unkindly I am sure to be stubborn and uncooperative.

That’s just the way I am.

And I strongly believe that many people have it like that.

The same goes for criticism. Everybody makes mistakes.

I can take constructive criticism but I tend to get tense and unresponsive if somebody gives me reprimand. And strengthens it by making it a fault of character.

I do know that it’s a well know psychological fact that if we do something wrong we blame the circumstances and if somebody does something wrong we blame their character.

So remember that the behaviour is bad and not the person. And if you make a mistake your not a bad person, you just behaved badly. Se get back up and try again, try better.


It’s not just temporary


Each of us makes choices every single second of every day. Some are minor, and some can change our lives forever.

That’s quite a vast topic if you ask me. Bur it isn’t exactly what I want to wrote about.

I’ve seen many articles and knowledge tibits about diet and excercising. All this as part of weight loss propaganda. Most are quite reasonable and give some good advice.

Many people try out different diets, and exercising plans. But what strikes me is that they do the 30 day workout plan, the 4- week diet or any other something – day or something – week program and think that that’s it. That they’ll force themselves, struggle or fight themselves for a limited period of time and get their desired effects. And many of these workouts advertise themselves as giving instant results.

But that is only an temporary solution. I mean if somebody does it temporarily, the effects will also be temporary. Of course it can be treated as a way to start good habits – as well in eating as in exercising. But in truth it’s a lifestyle choice. If you want to be healthy and fit you need to eat healthy food and exercise at least a bit. Bring movement.

So before you start a diet or exercise plan look at it as if it’s a lifestyle choice. A choice for the rest of your life (let’s not be dramatic, You’ll be able to make changes). But it’s better to make a choice of eating healthy food and taking into consideration that you may have cravings for sweets and you may indulge yourself. Eating one candy bar isn’t going to ruin what you accomplished for the last few days or weeks. Moderation is the key. Not throwing out major food groups because your body needs a balanced diet (I’m guilty of an unbalanced diet on many occasions so believe me I know how it turns back against you in an instant).

Choose a lifestyle and not just the effects because as soon as you go back to your old habits it’s going to go back to the old pretty quickly.

It’s a lifestyle choice and not a temporary solution!

The core mantra


I’ve recently tried to stop worrying about what other people may or may not think. It’s such a relief to just do what I decide is right. What I find to be good for me.

There is a quote. By Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

And I love it for it speaks the truth. Whatever we do or do not do we will be criticised by someone. We will be “damned” wither way.

After reading that quote for the first time I just felt it deep inside my core that it was right. And that I should lead a life of being me and stop tuning it down so that nobody would feel bothered by the way I was.

And then I’ve read a bit of by Gretchen Rubin. And she has this thing that she tries to “Be Gretchen.

So this became my mantra: Be Mia.

For me it means to be myself in every situation and to stop being afraid to be myself because of others. Because I’d rather the people who liked me liked me for me and not for somebody who I wasn’t.

This is one of my mantras.

What are yours? Do you have any?