Approach me


If somebody approaches me kindly and asks for what they want, I’m tranquil and polite and I’ll play along nicely.

I’ll even go out of my way to help the person because that’s just me.

But if somebody tries to force me to do something, or even better treats me unkindly I am sure to be stubborn and uncooperative.

That’s just the way I am.

And I strongly believe that many people have it like that.

The same goes for criticism. Everybody makes mistakes.

I can take constructive criticism but I tend to get tense and unresponsive if somebody gives me reprimand. And strengthens it by making it a fault of character.

I do know that it’s a well know psychological fact that if we do something wrong we blame the circumstances and if somebody does something wrong we blame their character.

So remember that the behaviour is bad and not the person. And if you make a mistake your not a bad person, you just behaved badly. Se get back up and try again, try better.



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